Gunners Barracks Sydney

Gunners Barracks Wedding Sydney Becky + Mark

Gunners Barracks was the perfect location for Becky and Mark to celebrate their wedding day.

Originally from the UK, Becky and Mark chose this venue “Gunners” not only for the superb food and service but also for the amazing view of  Sydney harbour.

The view which encapsulated the feeling of a “Sydney wedding” was especially important for them as they had a large contingent of guests flying in from all parts of the world.

Mark and Becky often joked that they do things a bit wrong way round and waiting for both their kids to grow up a bit before they got married was wonderful. It would be lovely for the kids to look back at their parents photo album and see that they were in fact a big part of mum and dad’s wedding day. 

For about six months before the wedding Mark had been working out with a personal trainer, so when we asked him to loose his shirt on Shelly beach he was more than pleased to show off his new nuptial ready body! and he really got in to the spirit of it when Alfio from Bon Journo films wanted him to do that famous James Bond scene when Daniel Craig struts out of the water just in a pair of swimming trunks in slow motion. 

A few words from the happy couple: 

“Thank you so much for being the best photographers a bride and groom could ask for. We have really enjoyed working with you guys and the exceptional quality of the finished product has cemented this. From start to finish we had absolute blast with you.”


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Photography: The Beautiful Collective

Venue: Gunners Barracks

Wedding Co-ordinator: Nightingales

Cinema: Bon Journo Films