Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf Sydney

“Our biggest concern and fear was whether our photographers would capture every moment on the day, however with you both our fears were overcome and our expectations exceeded. With all the stress and anxiety we felt on the day you both made us feel so at ease, we felt like we could be ourselves and had a lot of fun doing it! Our guests gave us the same positive feedback saying that our photographers were fun and gave good guidance. When we saw our photos they brought tears to our eyes and took us back to the day, we could feel the raw emotions that you captured. We had the same reaction from our relatives who were so happy but emotional at the same time. We are exceedingly happy and would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants quality pictures and memories.”

Kat + Pete 1 Kat + Pete 2 Kat + Pete 3 Kat + Pete 4 Kat + Pete 5 Kat + Pete 6 Kat + Pete 7 Kat + Pete 8 Kat + Pete 9 Kat + Pete 10 Kat + Pete 11 Kat + Pete 12 Kat + Pete 13 Kat + Pete 14 Kat + Pete 15 Kat + Pete 16 Kat + Pete 17 Kat + Pete 18 Kat + Pete 19 Kat + Pete 20 Kat + Pete 21 Kat + Pete 22 Kat + Pete 23 Kat + Pete 24

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