Below are the three collections we offer to suit the majority of couples. Both the Note book and Journal collections are our most popular because they include a beautiful fine art album.

Post Card

6 consecutive hours of photography coverage with
Haley or Darren.
Includes High-Resolution digital image collection
and "Before Forever" photo shoot.



8 consecutive hours of photography coverage with
Haley or Darren.
Includes a 10” fine art wedding album with the first 20 sides
plus High-Resolution digital image collection
and "Before Forever" photo shoot.



8 consecutive hours of photography coverage with team
Haley and Darren.
Includes 10” fine art wedding album with the first 24 sides.
plus High-Resolution digital image collection
and "Before Forever" photo shoot.


Wedding Pricing FAQs

We are interested what should we do now?

Head on over to our contacts page and complete the contact form.
From there we can check to see if your date is available and then arrange a chat and find out what you have got planned.

How can we secure our date with you?

If you know you want to work with us, all we need is a completed online contract and a payment transfer of $1500 to lock in your date.

Just checking, one of you guys will personally shoot our wedding right?

Yes, what you see is what you get. One of us or even both of us will be there to document your big day. On occasions we may bring an assistant or second photographer if requested or the need arises.

How far in advance should we book our wedding with you?

To give our couples the best possible service we can only document 25 weddings annually and so some couples choose to book us up to a year in advance.
If your planning is on a shorter time frame please get in touch so we can check availability.

How often will we chat or meet before the wedding?

We generally meet about 5 times before the wedding. By the time we shoot the wedding it will seem like we are old pals.
1. Initial meeting to book in your date.
2. When we photograph your Before Forever photo experience.
3. When we review the results of the shoot and you choose your art work.
4. Collecting any purchased prints or art work.
5. Finalising chat two weeks prior to discuss logistics, timing and any requests.

Are your prices negotiable?

Our prices reflect our experience, creative vision, and exceptional customer service and so are not open to negotiation.
Having said that we do offer extra value for weddings taking place on Tuesdays through Thursdays or when flying us to exotic destinations like Bali or the Bahamas.

What is a "Before Forever" Shoot?

A Before Forever shoot is a relaxed photo session done before the wedding. It helps us all get to know each other, you see how we work and helps overcome any anxieties you may have with being photographed before the pressure of the big day.
It's also a wonderful way of celebrating your time together as a couple before getting hitched!

Why should we get an album?

Picture this, it's 25 years in the future and you are celebrating your silver anniversary. Naturally you will want to reminisce about your fabulous wedding day.
Being able to turn the pages of a tangible album to see your story unfold like it was yesterday will be a far more pleasant experience than trying to make 25 year old technology work.
Think how annoying a CD is today!

Can you hold a date for us?

Unfortunately to be fair to everyone we don't hold dates without a signed contract and the $1500 paid retainer.

Do you travel?

Yes absolutely!
We have been fortunate enough to photograph weddings in Italy, Greece, America, Singapore, and Bali and throughout Australia.
Planning destination weddings can be stressful, so working with a team you trust from your own back yard offers peace of mind and ensures the right results.

How can friends and family see our photos?

Your finished collection of wedding images is delivered to you via an online gallery. The gallery can be easily shared to friends and family who may be interested in seeing the photos.

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